The new wave in clean-energy tech is accelerating faster than Friday afternoon traffic on a Dallas expressway. And more private equity firms and their investors want in on the ground floor. Reese Energy Consulting today starts with the latest news from Texas-based Energy Transition Ventures, which this week launched as the first venture fund in the state dedicated exclusively to investing in new early-stage cleantech startups. With backing from conglomerate GS Group of Korea and a fund size of $75 million, ETV is ripe to cherry pick the latest innovations. N.C.-based developer 8 Rivers and startup NET Power have just announced plans to build the nation’s first zero-emission gas power plants using a new evolutionary power cycle that produces only liquid water and a stream of high-purity, pipeline-ready CO2. The Allam-Felvedt Cycle technology will enable utilities to still burn natural gas while capturing emissions, burying them underground, and offering lower-cost electricity. The firm’s $150 million 50MWth demonstration facility operates in La Porte, Texas.


Energy Transitions Ventures

Early stage Texas and Silicon Valley venture capital investor in startups benefiting from or driving the energy transition.

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