Like many oilfield suppliers hit especially hard the last few years, Texas-based BJ Services was forced to shutter its business last July joining 107 others in the industry to file for bankruptcy protection—the most since 2016. But BJ, which was acquired by Baker Hughes that same year for $5.5 billion, has been one of the luckier survivors among its peers. In less than two months, the company re-emerged as BJ Energy Solutions along with its first 40,000 hp TITAN hydraulic fracking fleet powered exclusively by natural gas. As more producers beef up their environmental performance, BJ may just have found perfect timing. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from BJ Energy, which now has exceeded a milestone 7,000 pump hours of its fleet in the Haynesville marking the first fleet there to use 100% natural gas. On the heels of that report, major Haynesville player Comstock Resources has signed a three-year deal with the oilfield supplier to deploy the TITAN fleet on its own drilling operations there starting early 2021. We never tire of a great comeback story.​

BJ Energy Solutions

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, BJ Energy Solutions provides industry leading hydraulic fracturing solutions to upstream oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and production of North American oil and natural gas resources. With almost 150 years of rich history in serving clients across North American oil and natural gas basins, BJ is committed to providing innovative technologies to supporting the sustainability and emission reductions.

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