The Golden State is in full-blown crisis mode to prevent the collapse of its electrical grid. No, this isn’t the usual disaster flick starring The Rock, although the situation at hand might qualify as a race against time to keep the lights on. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Calif., now in a state of emergency, which will add natural gas-fueled generators at five power plants across the state to thwart an outage catastrophe. The nation’s largest importer of electricity at 28%, including supplies from Mexico, already this year has issued six “flex alerts” to avoid the rolling blackouts of 2019 and 2020–and now finds itself in a deep-fried pickle to provide reliable power to more than 39+ million residents. Between this Summer’s devastating wildfires, a protracted heat storm, the use of its grid by other states grappling with their own demand struggles, and the strictest environmental policies in the U.S., Calif., will have to rely on more natural gas. Meanwhile, the hunt also is on for those gas supplies as the state, reluctantly, is forced to lean heavier on fossil fuels and less on intermittent energy sources like solar and wind.

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