In the Year of Quarantine 2020, I remember hearing the company name “Zoom” for the first time. In hindsight, I should’ve bought stock. For a lot of us, Zoom web conferencing became a virtual lifeline to enable meetings and get-togethers while we hunkered down in a new remote workplace. On a personal note, it’s also presented an ideal, more cost-effective option for our natural gas training courses I’ve instructed for years. Even better, we now can teach folks in multiple locations simultaneously. With natural gas cinching a starring role in our energy mix and energy transition, Reese Energy Training is getting new and repeat bookings of our classes on Natural Gas Basics, Midstream and NGL Basics, Gas Processing Contracts and Negotiations, and Natural Gas Transportation and Scheduling. Some will be delivered on site and others via Zoom, but both offer the same critical knowledge-share that’s made RET the top pic for the nation’s leading energy companies. How can we enhance the value of your workforce from the beginner to the executive suite?

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