We have extraordinary activity in our LNG export industry today with not enough space to cover it all. But when news like this happens, RMR will be on top of the latest headline news in our weekly subscription blog, ReeseMidstreamReport.com, coming soon.

Until then, let’s talk Freeport LNG, which becomes the sixth major U.S. liquefaction terminal to start export operations from its Texas facility sometime next month. This marks the third train currently under construction for Freeport with the capacity to liquefy 0.7 BCFPD per train, per day.  Sempra’s Cameron LNG project, Train 1, commenced commercial operations yesterday with a projected export capacity of 12 million tons of LNG, or approximately 1.7 BCFPD. Cameron’s LNG Phase I will include five additional export projects. Virtually all U.S. LNG terminals are currently under construction or have plans underway to expand their number of trains to liquefy and export gas to countries outside of the U.S. What do you think?

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