​With all the talk about renewables—and we cover them a lot—natural gas is still the most reliable, plentiful, affordable fuel to achieve a low-carbon future. You need a bridge to get from here to there, and that’s where gas plays its part. Despite its detractors, natural gas will continue playing a global role to heat, cool, cook, and power for the next 3-4 decades. Gas production so far this year has outpaced crude oil post-pandemic and is expected to hit a record 93.3 BCFD by 2022. We produce more of the stuff than any country on earth. We now are set to displace Qatar years earlier than predicted as the world’s largest producer and exporter of LNG, with more than half of 10.5 BCFD of March supplies shipped to Asia—which remains on a slower path to sunset coal as a primary heat and power source. As an aside, the U.S. has transitioned 100+ power plants from coal to natural gas in just the last 10 years; we now have 1,800+. Energy giant bp now has announced a $1.3 billion infrastructure project to capture and collect natural gas to eliminate its Permian flaring by 2025, and no doubt sell those hydrocarbons as the energy source they are.

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