There’s a lot of talk right now about the future of pipelines. Recent headlines would have you believe the days of pipelines are numbered as Big Oil sets dates to become Big Un-Oil and others in the industry start to implement renewables in their energy mix. But fewer pipelines won’t be a part of a fossil fuels transition. As a matter of fact, more pipelines will be necessary to transport cleaner sources of fuel like hydrogen, which is expected to become a dominant energy source along with hydro, nuclear, solar and wind. More pipelines will be required to move captured carbon dioxide for sequestration underground or for use by heavy industry. Our neighbors to the North are set to release a national hydrogen strategy before the end of the year to kickstart the sector’s growth and will include carbon-capture technology as well as natural gas to produce the fuel. Canada plans to seize hard upon the momentum hydrogen has gained with huge investments in technology and infrastructure. The country currently produces more than 3 million tons of the stuff a year.

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