Car, truck, and SUV dealerships throughout Calif., slapped their collective foreheads yesterday with news that will completely transform their new car sales floor in 15 years. Reese Energy Consulting is following the latest from Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has declared a phase out of the internal combustion system in his state and an all-out ban on the sale of new vehicles fueled by gasoline after 2035. The sale of used cars will get a pass. For now. You can practically hear Elon Musk’s wealth multiplying at warp speed. While Calif., is a known bellwether for low-emission rides, less than 8% of new car sales are electric. Surprisingly or not, the state is the second-largest market for EVs behind China yet continues to rank as the nation’s largest automobile market and, yep, consumer of gasoline. Comes now a collision of questions: What about infrastructure, the transition itself and all its many tentacles, realistic expectations from automakers with an even more amped timetable? As for enforcement of the new regulations, that’s still up in the air so to speak.

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