Bill Walker served only one term as Alaska governor. But upon leaving his post in 2018, he was anything but retired from championing what could become the world’s largest LNG complex along with an 807-mile natural gas pipeline to flow supplies from Prudhoe Bay. During his tenure in office, Walker oversaw Alaska Gasline Development Corp (AGDC), which became the state sponsor of the project bearing an initial price tag of $65 billion from early investors Exxon, BP, and ConocoPhillips. But the bottom fell out in 2017 when depressed natural gas prices forced a change of heart among the big three, leaving Walker to deem the project too complex and risky to develop even in a state the size of Alaska. Still, AGDC plodded onward to secure all required 70 permits and slashed the estimate to a more palatable $38.7 billion. Now, two years after leaving office, Walker is far from waving a white flag on the mega facility that would export 20 MTPA of LNG. He and the former CEO of AGDC have formed Alaska Gasline and LNG to seek out private-sector funding wherever that might lead. And they’re determined to find it.

Alaska Gasline Development Corp

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is an independent, public corporation of the state of Alaska. AGDC’s roots date back to 2009, when declining Cook Inlet gas supplies raised the possibility of local energy brown outs and higher energy costs. In 2010, the Alaska Legislature passed House Bill 369, creating AGDC.

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