With the untimely passing of NextDecade’s founder and chairman in May, the Houston-based LNG development company lost its visionary but not its vision to become the largest LNG exporter in Texas. By all accounts, the company was already on its way with several projects on the horizon, including the Rio Grande LNG export project in Brownsville, Texas. Only a month before, NextDecade had signed a 20-year sale and purchase agreement with Shell for the supply of 2 MTPA of LNG and had cleared another FERC hurdle.


NextDecade is an LNG development company focused on LNG export projects and associated pipelines in Texas. NextDecade intends to develop the largest LNG export solution linking Permian Basin associated gas to the global LNG market, creating value for producers, customers, and stockholders.


The unexpected loss of the company’s visionary, however, didn’t deter those committed to the vision itself. In September, NextDecade announced it would join Enbridge to construct the Rio Bravo Pipeline to transport natural gas to the Rio Grande LNG facility once completed. In October, NextDecade received a $50 million payday from global investment group Mubadala to help fund the inaugural project. And most recently, the FERC authorized the siting, construction and operation of the Rio Grande, which NextDecade says will be the largest LNG export terminal in Texas stretching across 940 acres.

The first phase of the Rio Grande project will include three liquefaction trains, each of which will have a production capacity of 5.87 MTPA, two 180,000 cubic meter storage tanks and two marine berths. Upon completion in 2023, the Rio Grande will offer a total capacity of 27 MTPA, four 180,000 cubic meter storage tanks, deepwater port access, and two marine jetties. The Rio Bravo Pipeline system will consist of twin 137-mile pipelines stretching from Agua Dulce to NextDecade’s Rio Grande facility.

For LNG, the next decade looks promising, indeed.

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