The speed of technology today would have you believe drones are near prehistoric. And maybe they are on the tech speedometer. Drone use in pipeline inspections, however, is relatively new as commercial businesses were restricted from flying them little more than three years ago and current law restricts flying unmanned aircraft beyond visual line of sight. But that all could be changing soon.

Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan is a global leading player in the Infrastructure Support Business (ISB) — providing solutions in fields such as such as fuel cells, power plants, desalination plants, construction & compact equipment, and construction & engineering.


Skyfire is the leading public safety-specific sUAS company in the country. We offer organizations equipment, flight training, and FAA consulting. We help you acquire your blanket and jurisdictional COA so you can fly safely and effectively while minimizing liability.

If you’ve ever visited the Consumer Electronics Show, you have to be amazed by the pageantry of gadgetry that introduces the latest tech wizardry for use at home and across numerous industries. This year’s show, which concluded last week, offered up the latest incarnation of the hydrogen fuel cell-powered drone which is set to redefine “How far can she go?” Compared with current unmanned aircraft capable of covering 20 miles, South Korean-based Doosan Mobility Innovation has launched a long-range drone with a hydrogen-powered generator capable of covering nearly 50 miles over 2 hours. According to Matt Sloane, CEO of Georgia-based Skyfire, a public safety drone consultancy, distances of this magnitude aren’t possible on battery technology.

Skyfire announced during the Consumer Electronics Show that it has entered into a partnership with Doosan to launch a long-range pipeline inspection project with a major U.S. pipeline operator whose name wasn’t disclosed. The six-month project using Skyfire pilots will establish inspection procedures for routine maintenance and emergency response and will include testing the aircraft in multiple weather conditions, simulating emergency responses, and reporting real-time pipeline information and issues to operators and emergency crews. Skyfire also will head up consulting with the FAA to ensure compliance.

Exciting times.

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