With all the talk about sending the fossil fuels industry packing in favor of renewables, a reminder is in order of what even one day without oil and gas would look like. No question, fracking and horizontal drilling have led to our nation’s energy independence from rogue characters and, in turn, protects our national security. American energy is the bedrock of virtually every industry, including the manufacture of “green” components like solar panels and wind turbines. You have to look mighty close at the raw materials used to make even the most common household items—from toothbrushes, tires, and athletic shoes, to eyeglasses, clothing, computers, and cell phones—to find one that doesn’t require hydrocarbons to produce. A single day without oil and gas, never mind their position as the dominant fuels to power vehicles, warm/cool homes, cook, and generate electricity, would eliminate hundreds if not thousands of goods and materials we depend on to live, work, and sustain industries. While the combustion engine will one day face its maker, the death of crude oil and natural gas is not as imminent as one might believe.

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