The state of Texas lays claim to the nation’s largest pipeline infrastructure at 479,798 miles. As a point of comparison, the circumference of Earth is about 24,901 miles. This means the amount of pipe sprawled beneath the surface of the Lone Star State alone could wrap around the globe more than 19 times. Those of us who run in midstream circles love sharing these kinds of impressive stats with friends and neighbors who try and picture just exactly how immense our national pipeline system really is. But in Texas, where everything is bigger right down to the chicken-fried steak, pipelines wear the coveted crown. Reese Energy Consulting today is studying the new updated report from the Texas Pipeline Association, which outlines the extraordinary economic benefits Texas pipelines generated in 2019. In short, of the 1,458 operators there contributing to $48.6 billion in overall economic impact, pipeline operations and construction accounted for 238,000+ high-paying jobs, $29.3 billion in gross state product, and an added infusion of $2.7+ billion in government revenues. We’re having a moment now.

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