It’s been a rough couple of days for cargo tanker pilots carrying crude oil and commercial goods trying to transit the Suez Canal. This, after all bi-directional traffic looking to pass through one of the world’s largest, busiest waterways grinded to a sudden halt Tuesday. Surrounded north and south by a flotilla of 100+ of some of the largest container ships on Earth, the 1,312’ Ever Given was en route from China to the Netherlands via the Suez Canal when a strong bluster of wind blew her off course, running the vessel aground and turning it sideways where the tanker became precariously stuck. With the ship’s bow touching the eastern canal wall and the stern wedged against the western, Egyptian tugboats now are scrambling to dislodge the ship, although other tankers unable to turn around will remain idle for days in a traffic jam unlike any other in the canal’s 150-year history. As a point of reference, if stood upright, the Ever Given is as tall as the Empire State Building.

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