The nation’s construction industry is practically giddy by the prospect of the Administration’s proposed American Jobs Plan and the $115 billion earmarked to repair pot-holed roads and highways while building shiny new ones. But it’s one heck of a hot-diggity for our friends who produce and store asphalt. For the uninitiated, asphalt is produced from a mix of aggregates and the bitumen-rich tar sands crude that’s pipelined from our Canadian neighbors to U.S. refineries for processing. You simply can’t produce asphalt without the heavy oil. Canada currently exports 3.8 MMBPD of the stuff to the U.S. Even with the death of the Keystone XL, pipeline expansions now underway will add another 950,000 BPD of capacity to keep those pavers rolling. On the storage side, Tulsa-based Blueknight Energy is poised for a giant bump should the Plan pass. The company, which last month transitioned to a pure-play operator of asphalt terminals, operates the largest independently owned network in the U.S., with 53 terminals across 26 states and more than 8.7 MMBbls of storage capacity.

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