The guys and gals at Reese Energy Consulting this week are scattered to the four winds on numerous projects that remind us how much we love our work in an industry that keeps evolving.

Women's energy Network

The vision of the Women’s Energy Network is to be the premier organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops women working across the value chain. WEN’s mission is to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of those who work in the energy industries.

 Here, nearly half our team are women and REC is keeping them seriously busy on three due-diligence projects, four large midstream audits and, of course, our day-to-day responsibilities to get our clients’ wells connected, marketing oil and gas supplies, and ensuring takeaway viability to keep products moving. The energy world may still be male-dominated but like they say, “the times they are a-changin’” and women are breaking new ground. Today, more than 4,000 women across the nation belong to the Women’s Energy Network—900 of them call Oklahoma home. This year marks the organization’s 25th anniversary of providing opportunities for professional growth through networking, education, mentoring, leadership training and service. REC and RMR are proud to spotlight the women on our own teams who make us shine every day. So, here’s to you Sonya, Donna, Christine, Janice and Vickie. You ladies rock.

Have a story to share about your own rockin’ oil-and-gas ladies? We want to hear it!

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