The world’s top crude oil consumers are set to release supplies from their country’s strategic petroleum reserves to try and quell rising prices amid global energy shortages and increasing inflation. But is this combined effort nothing more than smoke and mirrors? Join Steve Reese tonight at 6 pm on Okla. City’s KOCO TV channel 5 to hear what he thinks about the latest moves from the U.S., India, Japan, China, South Korea, and the U.K. to put more barrels on the market and how OPEC+ could respond.

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Reese Energy Consulting (REC) works with independent oil and gas producers, midstream firms, LNG companies, and end-users across all major producing basins and markets in the U.S. They offer a diverse range of energy expertise, experience and services throughout every phase of upstream, midstream and downstream processes to help their clients maximize their capital investments and commodity value chain.


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