The yawn-inducing Keystone XL Pipeline project, fronted by Calgary-based behemoth TC Energy, remains as idle as a Presto sandwich maker tucked far from sight in the back of a closet. The $8 billion pipeline, designed to transport 830,000 BPD of crude oil from Alberta to Nebraska, has aged more than a decade and even TC has begun to question whether a section of pipe will ever kiss the ground. The XL would connect to the flagship Keystone Pipeline completed in 2010 that flows Canada’s heavier oil to refineries in Ill., and Texas for use as feedstock.

TC Energy

TC Energy, is a major North American energy company, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, that develops and operates energy infrastructure in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The company operates three core businesses: Natural Gas Pipelines, Liquids Pipelines and Energy.

It’s safe to say TC isn’t checking its watch any time soon for the next barrage of oppositions to circle the XL. TC has its finger in numerous U.S. oil and gas pipeline pies and targeting new opportunities here is like  roving crosshairs on the company’s secret decoder ring. So, it comes as no surprise that TC Energy just announced a $1 billion-plus expansion of its 10,600-mile, bi-directional ANR pipeline to move natural gas from Texas, Okla., and La., to the Gulf Coast and jump on the LNG export train. All aboard the Alberta Xpress.

The bi-directional ANR currently transports natural gas from Texas, Okla., and La., to the Midwest and Great Lakes region. The $300 million Alberta Xpress expansion would include new compressor stations and pipeline modifications out of points of origin to offer a new southern route for Canadian producers to connect with LNG export terminals in the Gulf. TC Energy says the expansion offers a seamless path for shippers with an average 19-year contract for 160 MMCFD. If approved, construction on the project could begin next year.

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