Reese Energy Consulting recently shared what can only be described as rockin’ awesome news from the nation’s LNG industry. Not only have U.S. exports bounced back, they’ve crushed record volumes as global markets regain their footing post-COVID 19. REC today is following the latest news from Va.-based Venture Global LNG. which just announced construction of its Calcasieu, La., terminal is ahead of schedule with the first six of 18 production trains to be installed by February. Operations are expected to begin in 2022. Unlike its large-scale, export competitors on the Gulf, Calcasieu Pass and Global LNG’s second La., export project—Plaquemines LNG—will employ a modular design fit for mid-scale facilities that dramatically reduce overall costs with the use of factory-built components. As a side note, Baker Hughes is fabricating the Calcasieu trains in Italy. Two of the first pre-built trains already have been installed. Once complete, the Calcasieu plant will be capable of exporting 10 MTPA of LNG. At twice its size, Plaquemines will have an export capacity of up to 20 MTPA.


Venture Global LNG

Venture Global LNG is a long-term, low-cost producer of North American liquified natural gas (LNG). Their three export facilities, Calcasieu Pass, Plaquemines LNG and Delta LNG, will supply the world’s growing demand for low-cost, clean and reliable North American energy.

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