It’s about as rare as a unicorn these days to watch an oil and gas stock price zoom into the stratosphere, but that’s exactly what happened today in pre-market trading for Houston-based Summit Midstream. Reese Energy Consulting is following the latest news from Summit, which yesterday received a FERC thumbs up to begin construction on the Double E Pipeline and associated midstream facilities. That’s all it took to send the company’s stock soaring by a whopping 51.7% before this morning’s opening bell and settling back to a still impressive 29%. Upon completion in 4Q, the 135-mile Double E will transport 1.35 BCFD of natural gas from the Permian’s Delaware to delivery points near the Waha Hub. Summit owns a 70% operating interest in the pipeline along with ExxonMobil at 30%. The project’s most recent advancement follows a rather smooth-sailing process compared with other proposed pipelines that have either been delayed indefinitely or outright cancelled out of sheer exhaustion from endless court battles. Godspeed, Double E.

Summit Midstream

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Summit Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: SMLP) is a value-driven master limited partnership focused on developing, owning and operating midstream energy infrastructure assets that are strategically located in unconventional resource basins, primarily shale formations, in the continental United States.

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