In our follow up to yesterday’s post on carbon capture and sequestration in the LNG industry, Reese Energy Consulting today turns our attention to the other kitchen table topic by those in the oil and gas industry—green hydrogen. Lots of talk in this space as well as hefty investments from renewables-focused private equity firms betting on a hydrogen-fueled economy. And Plug Power is. Hydrogen is considered the cleanest possible, non-polluting fuel with a menu that includes gray, blue, and green forms. But only green hydrogen is 100% carbon-neutral, and that’s where N.Y.-based Plug Power has gone all in to power its zero-emissions fuel cell tech for a growing electrified world. Plug Power in February announced construction of what will be North America’s largest green hydrogen production facility in N.Y., which will produce 45 metric tons of the stuff per day. This $290 million project will join the company’s existing Tennessee plant as part of the company’s goal to develop a green hydrogen network that supplies 500 tons a day by 2025.


Plug Power

Plug Power Inc. is an American company engaged in the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems that replace conventional batteries in equipment and vehicles powered by electricity. The company is headquartered in Latham, New York, and has facilities in Spokane, Washington, and Rochester, New York.

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