Midland, Texas, in December officially became the wealthiest metropolitan area in the nation as a result of Permian oil and gas and financial services backing those who drill and snatch up homes. But that’s little comfort to oilfield professionals in the office and out in the field now searching for their next appointment in the current job environment. Fact is, 2019 has marked a tough year for E&Ps struggling with debt, lack of capital, bankruptcy, and the new normal of producing more with less. Cut-backs have led to lay-offs, which in turn have displaced hundreds of employees looking for work.

Viking Recruiting

Viking Recruiting Resources is a professional recruiting firm that specializes in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our goal is to develop relationships with both professionals and employers in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships.


Summer Chancey is all too familiar with the booms, busts, and pancake-flats that define the oil and gas industry. Her father owned an oilfield services company, and an uncle, brother-in-law, nephew and now fiancé all claim a part of a business that tends to seep into your skin and stay there. As the CEO of Houston-based Viking Recruiting Resources, Chancey witnesses every day the latest changes and movements occurring in the energy environment, from the companies looking to hire to the job seekers on the hunt.

What’s the Hiring Landscape Right Now as You See It?

“I have more positions available than candidates,” Chancey says. “But our clients are hiring for permanent, long-term positions vs contract work. These folks are harder to find because they’ve been with their employer for five years or more and it takes a lot to get these candidates to make a career move. An increase in salary doesn’t cut it anymore, so companies must up their overall packages with incentives like remote or flexible schedules to offer an overall work-life balance.

“On the flip side, a majority of people looking for jobs are contract workers in search of their next one-to-two-year projects, and it’s harder to pull contract workers into permanent positions because of the pay.”

Viking currently offers 17 open positions from five companies that need to be filled by the end of January. Positions include field techs, maintenance operators, planners and schedulers. The hottest regions in play are New Mexico, Houston and Ohio. The recruiting firm looks to see an increase in hiring activity starting in January.

What Advice Would You Offer Someone Looking for a Position Right Now?

“I always say looking for a job is a full-time job,” Chancey says. “I just spoke with an employee laid off from an oilfield services provider in Oklahoma who had no idea how to find a job. He’d been with the company for 18 years and the only employer he’d ever worked for. Didn’t have a resume and no idea how to even start his search.  My first advice would be network or learn to network. Use LinkedIn and join groups on Facebook that share new jobs, job fairs, job-hiring events. The phrase “It’s who you know” holds true in our industry.

Why Should a Job Seeker Work with a Recruiter?

“Because we help you build a strategic plan to execute job searches efficiently and quickly—and that plan is finessed every week. Our most recent job candidate received a job offer within 35 days. In our case, Viking provides one-on-one service to help candidates create a professional resume and cover letter using key words for specific positions and ensure their documents can upload to a company’s Applicant Tracking System. We work with LinkedIn, Reese Midstream Report and other channels, and network with four other recruiting firms to get more eyes on each resume. We also conduct “mock” interviews before the big day to ensure our candidates are well prepared ahead of time.”

Learn more about Summer Chancey and Viking Recruiting Resources at www.VikingRecruiting.com.


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