Technology might be a loathsome word for many in the oil and gas space. It envisions headache-inducing change from what has been accustomed to vs what is needed and required, and costly adaptation in a cyclical industry whose health is downright poor right now. But let’s not forget that technology is the one constant that continues to transform oil and gas production, transportation, processing, refining, and most recently exportation to nations around the globe that depend on oil and gas to fuel their economies.


Flogistix is an oil and gas technology company that utilizes a petroleum engineered approach to help customers with their wellhead compression, vapor recovery, and gas lift needs. Our industry leading control panel, the “Logix PLC”, monitors all compressor functions resulting in total control to maximize your resources. Flogistix optimizes your existing production resulting in increased cash flow, more proven reserves, and providing a new revenue stream by capturing high BTU gas through our vapor recovery system.

In this first segment of Next-Gen Oil and Gas World, RMR looks at the new technologies bringing revolutionary solutions to today’s industry in a time of transition, the Clean Air Act, and new, stringent statewide mandates to reduce fossil fuels emissions. Between upstream production and midstream gathering, transport, and processing—and the need to stimulate production while lowering emissions—technology once again rises to the top to provide operators new means to operate more productively and cleaner in a next-gen oil and gas world.

Leveraging its screw compressor and PLC technology with vapor recovery, Okla. City-based Flogistix is all about better managing wells to boost more gas production, recoup lost revenues from flaring, and capture methane emissions. The company’s Multi-Stream Compressor System is a single compressor that offers vapor recovery, wellhead compression, casing drawdown, and flash gas production. All of which enables producers to target and control multiple sources of gas at various pressures and monitor those pressures in ounces and pounds. Its vapor recovery units put an end to venting and flaring by capturing emissions up to 1.2 MMCFD with an electric unit that produces zero emissions. With more than 8,000 wellhead compressors in service, this is a technology worth looking into.

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