​The term “responsibly sourced gas” has found itself a home in the new lexicon of low-carbon initiatives across the industry. As one of W.V.’s, top gas producers at 115+ BCF per year, Northeast Natural Energy in May announced plans to seek third-party environmental certifications across its 30,000-acre operating area. Meeting the criteria to earn this accreditation has a lot of tentacles, of course, to include air, water, land, and community impact. But the distinguishment of earning these certifications not only make investors and customers happy, they also can mean premium prices for supplies. Reese Energy Consulting engages with several renewables and clean-air technology companies to help our clients navigate their own course toward a net-zero future. Today, we follow the latest news from Kans.-based pipeline operator Tallgrass Energy, which has announced it will install and begin monitoring methane and other GHGs at compressor stations along its 1,700-mile Rockies Express Pipeline. Teaming up with carbon-measurement certifier Project Canary, Tallgrass looks to become the first U.S. operator to gain certification on an interstate natural gas pipeline.

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Tallgrass Energy Partners

Tallgrass Energy Partners is an oil and natural gas pipeline company organized as a master limited partnership, founded in 2013. The company operates approximately 7,539 miles of pipeline in the U.S. states of Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.



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