Situated near the Colorado-Kansas border, the Ladder Creek System is one of a few gas processing plants in the U.S. that also extracts, purifies, and liquefies a vast amount of helium. With 700 miles of pipeline across some of the most helium-rich gas regions in the nation, Ladder Creek has the capacity to process up to 1.5 MMCFD of the stuff with purity levels of 99.999%. The U.S. also happens to be the world’s largest supplier of helium used across the globe in everything from MRI magnets and semis-conductor chips, to computer hard drives, microscopes–and, of course–balloons. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Colo.-based Tumbleweed Midstream, which is set to become a whole lot busier with a new 10-year sales contract valued at more than $500 million. With new helium supplies from Russia and Qatar expected to hit the market over the next two years, CEO Durell Johnson says the new agreement will allow Tumbleweed to sell producers’ helium at a fixed price, adding every molecule of available helium anywhere in the world is under contract.

Tumbleweed Midstream

Tumbleweed Midstream acquired the Ladder Creek Helium Plant and Gathering System in late 2019. The company is laser-focused on maximizing returns for producers of helium from the large concentration of rare helium reserves near the Colorado-Kansas border.

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