Marvin Nash, a Wyo., cowboy with a storied history as wide as his full-brim hat, has developed an oilfield wastewater repurpose system that essentially rewrites the script for produced water management in arid climes. Reese Energy Consulting today visited with Nash and his company, Encore Green Environmental, which launched its pilot project in September after a call from a Wyo., wildcatter who told Nash, “I’ve got 50,000 Bbls of water in a pond and it’s gonna cost me $4-5 bucks per barrel to haul it off.” Nash said, “I can do it for half.” And he did. But that’s not the full story. EGE’s Conservation by Design system not only eliminates the need for disposal injection but irrigates land with treated produced water via mobile storage tanks and sprinklers—all in proximity to the wellsite. The process sequesters carbon, promotes photosynthesis through new vegetation, and reduces the impact of climate change. “Smart E&Ps understand the next midstream partner is the landowner himself,” Nash says. With 40% of the nation considered arid and thirsty, he’s now out to introduce his system in Texas and N.M.


Encore Green Environmental

Encore Green Environmental’s patent-pending methodology, Conservation By-Design™, brings the perfect storm together for unprecedented environmental and industrial results.

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