If anything, 2020 has proven that the oil and gas industry still has a whole lotta life left for the foreseeable future. Times are uncertain, for certain. But like they say on the big screen, there’s no crying in baseball. Which aptly describes our producer and midstream clients who not only look for every advantage they can get right now but also are preparing for their energy business future. For some, that means immediate measures to identify and plug holes where revenues go lost, secure premium markets for gas sales, and take an electron microscope to contracts and agreements in need of renegotiation to boost bottom lines. But it also means finding and acting on new and emerging opportunities in a period of consolidation and industry evolution we see happening every day. Aside from the number of audits and due diligence projects REC performs throughout the year, we’re also at work on potential client A&Ds and producer services, facilitating design and commissioning of a new high-pressure gas line in the Mid-Continent, reporting on flared gas volumes, and exploring all the possibilities hydrogen offers as a fuel of the future.

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