Like they say, you have to crack some eggs to make an omelet. For Okla. City-based Enable Midstream, that means starting with modifications along the company’s 172-mile Line CP natural gas pipeline that extends from Carthage, Texas, to Delhi, La., before breaking ground on its proposed Gulf Run Pipeline project. Enable plans to upgrade three of four compressor stations and other facilities along its Line CP, which currently transports gas from west to east, and will “enable” bi-directional flow on a portion of the pipeline, with delivery to the proposed Gulf Run.

Enable Midstream

Enable Midstream Partners, LP is a publicly traded Master Limited Partnership (MLP) where approximately 1,900 employees focus on providing customers timely, reliable and affordable solutions

Enable’s 135-mile Gulf Run Pipeline project—a $1.3 billion endeavor that includes the upgrades to Line CP—will flow Haynesville natural gas from the company’s Westdale compressor station in Red River Parish, La,, to a connection with the Golden Pass Pipeline near Starks, La., and ultimate delivery to the Golden Pass LNG export terminal currently under construction. The $10 billion Golden Pass LNG facility, a joint venture between ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum, has recently requested permission to boost its capacity from 15.6 mtpa to 18.1 mtpa. The first of three trains at the terminal is expected to begin liquefaction in 2024.

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