One of our Reese Energy Consulting team members received this question yesterday: “I live in Wyoming and we’ve never experienced anything like the number of frozen wells and gas plants in Texas. What’s up?” REC reached out to our friend Justin Mecklenburg, CEO of Okla.-based NeoInsulation, for an answer. Mecklenburg echoes The Houston Chronicle’s latest report as a lack of winterization—especially insulation—on vulnerable back pressure and ball valves and pipes that simply can’t withstand 7-14 days of prolonged exposure to Arctic temps and ice. Old-school insulation without heat trace, he says, won’t cut it—something Texas and Okla., found out the hard way with frozen wells and gas plants. Neo’s patented insulation along with heat trace technology have resulted in more than 3,000 zero-fail installations, including current operations still humming along in both states. It’s a small investment, Mecklenburg adds, when you consider losing thousands if not millions a day.


NeoInsulation provides revolutionary, state of the art protective solutions for the oil & gas and industrial industries through its patented insulation applications.

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