There’s new competition to The Land of NGL Plants and Terminals that has crowned Mont Belvieu, Texas, the epicenter of fractionation. San Antonio-based EPIC Midstream has announced startup service on its first greenfield, 110,000 BPD, NGL fractionator at the company’s Robstown complex, about three hours and 45 minutes away from Mont Belvieu, to offer suppliers an alternative destination for NGL supplies. The new fractionator offers a nameplate capacity of 180,000 BPD and will service Corpus Christi and other Texas Gulf Coast markets without the need for a newbuild pipeline.

EPIC Midstream

EPIC was formed in 2017 to build, own, and operate midstream infrastructure in both the Permian and Eagle Ford Basins. EPIC’s first two projects, the EPIC Crude Oil Pipeline and the EPIC Y-Grade Pipeline, transport crude and Y-Grade across Texas for delivery into the Corpus Christi market.

EPIC’s NGL deliveries to Sweeny, Texas, will require an extension of the company’s 700-mile Y-Grade Pipeline from Markham, Texas, that connects NGL reserves in the Permian and Eagle Ford to Gulf Coast refiners, petrochemical companies, and export markets. The Y-Grade currently offers a maximum capacity of 600 MBPD, and the new extension will greatly enhance connectivity between Corpus Christi and Sweeny NGL systems.

Speaking of the Y-Grade Pipeline, EPIC now has struck a deal with MPLX and WhiteWater Midstream to sell an undivided joint interest in the line between Benedum and Gardendale, Texas. EPIC also has announced executing multi-year contracts with Phillips 66 for NGLs transportation, storage, and fractionation capacity.

As a bit of back story, after securing numerous fixed-fee, multi-year contracts with Permian midstream operators, EPIC Midstream announced last December it will construct a second fractionator at its Robstown facility.

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