Denver-based FourPoint Energy understands the value of relationships. Whether they’re in the form of landowners, investors, partnerships or joint ventures, relationships have launched this E&P into quite the powerhouse.

Fourpoint energy

FourPoint is primarily focused on acquiring and developing oil and natural gas assets in the Western Anadarko and Permian Basins. Founded by the leadership team of Cordillera Energy Partners following the sale to Apache Corporation in 2012, FourPoint Energy is proud to boast an exceptional team of professionals with decades of industry-leading experience.

RMR today is studying the many incarnations of FourPoint over the last decade that have resulted in a well-oiled machine fueled by new opportunity. What began as Cordillera Energy Partners, the company snapped up acreage in the Anadarko, Delaware and San Juan basins employing an acquire-exploit-divest strategy that resulted in two successful encores and ultimately a merger with Apache.

In 2013, FourPoint was born, making several spot-on acquisitions that today include one of the largest undeveloped positions in the Midland and a midstream system in the Anadarko. The company also operates a subsidiary focused on acquiring mineral interests and recently announced a partnership with an analytics and data science company. Relationships and opportunity. We get the point.

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