In the Land of West Texas, some things are inextricably linked. Like family-owned cattle farms that set atop acres of oil-rich minerals, and inherited legacies that—for the most part—go quietly unpronounced until a big discovery stirs up talk. Such is the case with Barron Petroleum headquartered in Graham, Texas, a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Midland. Don’t bother looking for a website; Barron doesn’t have one. The tiny company comprises CEO Roger Sahota, his wife and three sons, and they’ve announced a Texas-size oil and gas find.

Situated on one 13,000-acre lease in Val Verde County, Texas, the Barron site holds an estimated 417 BCF of natural gas and 74.2 MMBbls of crude oil reserves. A Fort Worth petroleum engineer, who completed an evaluation of the potential oil and gas reserves, described the field as a low-risk, high-volume, high-rate drilling opportunity that “more resembles that of a development project than an exploration venture.” Sixty new wells are planned and Sahota’s shopping for a pipeline. What do you think?

EVX Midstream

Barron Petroleum LLC is a privately held company engaged in the oil and gas exploration & production business. The company has primarily focused on drilling oil wells, gas wells and working over existing oil and gas wells in the Permian Basin and Fort-Worth Basin in the State of Texas.


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