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Red Butte Pipeline Launches Open Season

Dallas-based Silver Creek Midstream has announced an open season for shipper commitments to make improvements on an eight-mile section of the company’s 495-mile Red Butte crude oil pipeline in Wyo. Deadline for bids is September 7. Red Butte is the largest transmission line to extend from the Big Horn and Wind River basins to Casper, Wyo. Upon completion of upgrades and refurbishments to the proposed section, the pipeline will offer 5,000 BPD of capacity. The Red Butte system includes two delivery points, multiple truck-loading stations, and more than 800,000 Bbls of storage.

PE Firms in Talks to Buy/Sell Large Interest in Cheniere

Private equity firm Blackstone began shopping its 41% interest in the nation’s largest LNG operator two months ago after investing $1.5 billion in Cheniere in 2012. Negotiations now appear to be on the table between Blackstone and alternative asset manager Brookfield for a stake in Cheniere valued at $7.8 billion. The company’s market value stands at about $18.9 billion. Amid demand destruction that has seen LNG exports nose-dive from a record-breaking 8.1 BCFD in January to 3.1 BCFD in July, and EIA projections of a serious recovery by the first of 2021, we’d love to see the calculus from each firm on this deal.

Producer Storage at the SPR Begins to Lighten

The nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve was never meant to be an extended-stay motel for producers’ crude oil supplies. Between the April oil glut and a near fever-pitch panic for storage wherever it could be found, the SPR offered up capacity in its underground salt caverns as a temporary sanctuary for U.S. oil whose price had free fallen into an abyss. While the Trump Administration advocated to purchase 77 MMBbls, Congress would have none of it. Instead, nine oil companies took advantage of the opportunity to store 23 MMBbls of oil in exchange for cheap rent and an eviction date of March 31, 2021. With the price of oil now rebounding, Exxon and the U.S. leg of Total this month have reclaimed 2.2 MMBbls of their crude. Take a load off, Fannie.

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