Mike Hopkins has powerful plans for N.D. The CEO of Bakken Midstream Natural Gas in Bismark is an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and business executive whose numerous successes read like a Who’s Who of industry captains. After developing 54 natural gas-fired power plants around the world, Hopkins now looks to apply his ingenuity in the Williston Basin—and he has $25 million to do it. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Bakken Midstream, which has signed its first ethane supply term sheet to support a large-scale baseload power plant. Three years in planning, the proposed Williston Basin Energy Center will be the largest electrical plant of its kind to leverage advanced combustion turbine technology that uses ethane as the primary fuel. The company also plans to develop other “value-added” natural gas infrastructure projects in N.D., that harness the state’s plentiful gas resources, including power generation and pipelines.

Bakken Midstream

Bakken Midstream believes that the State has the potential to become a world-class leader in value-added natural gas related products. North Dakota has tremendous natural gas resources. What’s lacking is natural gas infrastructure, in particular infrastructure for value-added products. The mission of Bakken Midstream is to develop and own that infrastructure.


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