Expansion of the DJ South crude oil gathering and transportation system in northeastern Colo., no doubt has producers there rejoicing with the latest announcement from Denver-based ARB Midstream. The Platteville Complex, which will ultimately consist of three pipelines and 300,000 Bbls of storage, is now connected to Tallgrass Energy’s Pony Express Pipeline and terminal system. The Pony Express stretches from Guernsey, Wyo., transports 230,000 BPD of crude to the Cushing hub in Okla., and interconnects to the Gulf Coast. With an initial throughput of 48,000 BPD, ARB’s new connection is part of the company’s ever-growing midstream infrastructure to service the DJ’s prolific supplies, especially in Weld Co. The Platteville Complex began start-up last Oct.

ARB Midstream

ARB Midstream is a private equity backed, growth-oriented company providing crude oil and gas liquids midstream and marketing/logistics solutions in North America. ARB is building a portfolio of oil and gas liquids logistics solutions in the most profitable plays, through innovative acquisitions and greenfield projects.


Now, let’s look at the three pipelines sourcing crude into the DJ South network.

ARB’s Badger Pipeline began service last Oct., delivering 90,000 BPD from Weld Co., to the company’s crude oil storage facility at Platteville—the main oil hub in the DJ.

The 220,000 BPD Matador Pipeline will be the first and only pipeline that links Platteville to the southern region of the DJ.

The 150,000 BPD bi-directional Freedom Pipeline, also under construction, will connect Platteville to Lucerne West—the delivery point of ARB’s Platteville Complex.

Operating nearly 1,000 miles of pipeline and 2 million Bbls of storage in Colo., Okla., Texas, Wyo., and N.D., ARB is the largest privately held crude oil gatherer in the DJ.

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