Let’s say your hometown of 45,000 has a 45-year-old coal-fired power plant—one of about 240 left in the U.S. The coal mine that feeds the plant lies practically next door. Both the plant and coal mine employ more than 1,500 in your community. But earlier this year, the state passed legislation to decarbonize its electrical grid by 2030. The San Juan Generating Station, one of two massive coal-fired power plants in Farmington, N.M., will be the first shuttered in 2022 to be replaced with a new station fired by natural gas, solar, and batteries. That was the initial plan anyway, and one that left local leaders with their hair on fire in a town where coal plays a huge part in the economy amid a dwindling population. Enter Enchant Energy, a Farmington-based, carbon-capture company now offering another solution. Working with city officials and Public Service Co. of N.M., Enchant wants to buy and retrofit the plant with new technology that would make this carbon-capture project the largest of its kind in the world and solidify commercial viability for global implementation. Cost to N.M. taxpayers?  $2.8 billion over 10 years.

Enchant Energy

Enchant Energy is a New Mexico company that seeks to capture CO2 for sequestration purposes and electricity production by investing in state-of-the-art environmental technology at San Juan Generating Station. These activities are intentionally designed to further New Mexico’s dual goals of substantially reducing its statewide CO2 output, and supporting New Mexico’s economy by employing hundreds of people in San Juan County and on the Navajo Nation by providing reliable, low-cost and extremely low-emission wholesale electricity.


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