With a growing shipper interest for expansion of the 830-mile Pony Express Pipeline, Kans-based Tallgrass Energy just announced a supplemental open season for crude oil transportation, March 16-April 14. The 25-mile expansion will originate near Carpenter, Wyo., and connect to the pipeline’s original point of origin in Hereford, Wyo., flowing more supplies to destinations in Colo. The Carpenter Expansion is expected for service in the second quarter, as is the close of Tallgrass Energy’s $6.3 billion, take-private acquisition by Blackstone Infrastructure Partners.

Tallgrass Energy

Tallgrass Energy Partners is an oil and natural gas pipeline company organized as a master limited partnership, founded in 2013. The company operates approximately 7,539 miles of pipeline in the U.S. states of Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.


Until then, Tallgrass isn’t letting any short grass grow beneath its feet as it juggles three other oil and gas midstream projects serving producers in the Bakken and DJ Basin—two of which also are slated for completion during 2Q this year.

Cheyenne Connector

The 70-mile Cheyenne Connector will move natural gas from processing facilities in the DJ to the company’s REX Cheyenne Hub just south of the Colo./Wyo., border. There, suppliers can access interconnected pipelines and local distribution systems as well as downstream systems that reach end-users in West, Midwest and Southeast markets, and the Gulf Coast. The Cheyenne Connector, scheduled for operations in 2Q, will have an initial capacity of 600 MMCFD with potential room for expansion.

Rockies Express (REX) Hub Enhancement  

Tallgrass looks to make modifications to its existing natural gas facility that will include a new booster compressor station with 16,000 hp of gas compression and interconnect enhancements to provide bi-directional flow. Anticipated completion is also 2Q. The 1,700-mile REX pipeline, co-owned with Phillips 66, stretches from northwestern Colo., and Wyo., to eastern Ohio.

Seahorse Pipeline

The proposed 700-mile Seahorse will extend from the Cushing, Okla., hub to the La., Gulf Coast. With an initial capacity to transport up to 800,000 BPD of crude oil, the pipeline will operate as a multi-grade common batch system and provide refiners and international markets access to “neat” barrels from five production basins. Seahorse is scheduled to begin commercial operations in Q3 2021.

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