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Like many oilfield suppliers hit especially hard the last few years, Texas-based BJ Services was forced to shutter its business last July joining 107 others in the industry to file for bankruptcy protection—the most since 2016. But BJ, which was acquired by Baker Hughes that same year for $5.5 billion, has been one of the luckier survivors among its peers. In less than two months, the company re-emerged as BJ Energy Solutions along with its first 40,000 hp TITAN hydraulic fracking fleet powered exclusively by natural gas. As more producers beef up their environmental performance, BJ may just have found perfect timing. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from BJ Energy, which now has exceeded a milestone 7,000 pump hours of its fleet in the Haynesville marking the first fleet there to use 100% natural gas. On the heels of that report, major Haynesville player Comstock Resources has signed a three-year deal with the oilfield supplier to deploy the TITAN fleet on its own drilling operations there starting early 2021. We never tire of a great comeback story.​

BJ Energy Solutions

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, BJ Energy Solutions provides industry leading hydraulic fracturing solutions to upstream oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and production of North American oil and natural gas resources. With almost 150 years of rich history in serving clients across North American oil and natural gas basins, BJ is committed to providing innovative technologies to supporting the sustainability and emission reductions.


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Just Add Water

Just Add Water

Marvin Nash, a Wyo., cowboy with a storied history as wide as his full-brim hat, has developed an oilfield wastewater repurpose system that essentially rewrites the script for produced water management in arid climes. Reese Energy Consulting today visited with Nash and his company, Encore Green Environmental, which launched its pilot project in September after a call from a Wyo., wildcatter who told Nash, “I’ve got 50,000 Bbls of water in a pond and it’s gonna cost me $4-5 bucks per barrel to haul it off.” Nash said, “I can do it for half.” And he did. But that’s not the full story. EGE’s Conservation by Design system not only eliminates the need for disposal injection but irrigates land with treated produced water via mobile storage tanks and sprinklers—all in proximity to the wellsite. The process sequesters carbon, promotes photosynthesis through new vegetation, and reduces the impact of climate change. “Smart E&Ps understand the next midstream partner is the landowner himself,” Nash says. With 40% of the nation considered arid and thirsty, he’s now out to introduce his system in Texas and N.M.


Encore Green Environmental

Encore Green Environmental’s patent-pending methodology, Conservation By-Design™, brings the perfect storm together for unprecedented environmental and industrial results.


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The Money Backers: Turnbridge Capital Partners

The Money Backers: Turnbridge Capital Partners

In RMR’s continuing series The Money Backers, we give readers a glimpse of who’s who and who owns what in energy’s private equity world.  From the largest to the smallest to the newest, we look especially at those firms making hay in the midstream industry to provide the capital infusion required to give growth projects liftoff.

With offices in Dallas and Houston, Turnbridge Capital Partners has carved out a niche in the oil and gas industry with investments exclusively in the energy services and equipment sphere. This private equity firm targets service providers and manufacturers whose customers lie in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, and looks for investment opportunities between $25-$100 million.

Turnbridge Capital Partners

Turnbridge Capital Partners is a private equity firm targeting investments in middle-market service providers and equipment manufacturers that sell into the energy and infrastructure industries.


Cimarron Energy

Cimarron is a leading manufacturer of engineered production, process, and environmental equipment for the upstream and midstream energy industries.


Among its nine portfolio companies, Houston-based Cimarron Energy has experienced a serious growth spurt that expands its footprint in emissions control and environmental systems in a big way. With the recent announcement of the company’s second acquisition inside of a year, financial backer Turnbridge is clearly putting its chips on the latest process technologies to reduce emissions across the oil and gas complex.

A quick look:

  • Cimarron in July 2019 acquired Midland, Texas-based Hy-BON/EDI, which specializes in low-pressure gas management systems. According to the company’s history, the founder developed the first vapor recovery unit back in 1952. Today, Hy-BON/EDI’s product offerings include gas booster systems, casinghead pressure reducing units, compressor packages, and VRUs that operate in more than 20 countries.
  • Fast forward to May 2020 and Cimarron’s acquisition of Austin-based Aereon, which engineers flares, enclosed combustors, thermal oxidizers, and VRUs found in more than 46 countries.
  • Combined, the two acquisitions catapult Cimarron Energy from a nationwide supplier to a global provider with offices on four continents and a multi-brand recognition that lifts this 50-year-old manufacturer into the stratosphere.

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