A few short years ago, the concept of building large-scale carbon capture infrastructure in the U.S. was largely deemed too cost-prohibitive to jump from paper to online operation in any amount of time that would make such projects economical. Houston-based Occidental arguably was among the first producers to jump on the CCS bandwagon after years of injecting carbon to enhance its oil production. The company has since made decarbonization technologies a focal point of its business to include LNG applications. Exxon Mobil last week shelled out $15 million for 541,000 acres in the GOM to build a $100 billion CCS project to collect emissions from Gulf Coast refineries and petrochem plants then bury them under the seabed. Now, eyes are on Iowa. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news on one of two large CCS projects there starting to show legs. With 44 biorefineries, Iowa is ground zero for ethanol, producing an annual 4.1 billion gallons from 1.3 million bushels of corn. Summit Carbon Solutions plans to build the world’s largest CCS network in Iowa, which will span five states and feature a new 2,000-mile pipeline with emissions permanently interred underground in N.D. The $4.5 billion system is slated to go online in 2024 and expected to reduce emissions equal to taking 2.6 million cars off the road every year.

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Summit Caron Solutions

Summit Carbon Solutions connects industrial emitters via strategic infrastructure to safely and permanently store carbon dioxide.



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