Iowa is soon to be recognized for more than its King corn, Sterzing’s potato chips, and that endearing baseball movie. With the nation’s largest number of biorefineries at 43, Iowa will be home to the world’s largest carbon capture and storage project by 2024. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Summit Carbon Solutions, which has secured partnerships with a select group of Midwest biorefiners to construct the $2.2 billion CCS project that will capture, transport, and permanently store 10 million tons per year of carbon dioxide. Upon completion, the infrastructure network will be capable of annually reducing carbon emissions equal to taking 2 million cars off the road. Summit now has announced its latest investors—biorefiners Green Plains and Glacial Lakes Energy—also will join the partnership to connect their facilities in Minn., and Iowa to the plant. Included in the project is a newbuild pipeline that will extend across the Upper Midwest to underground storage in saline geological formations in N.D.


Summit Carbon Solutions

Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with a select group of leading biorefiners located in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota to execute the first phase of the project, which will put them on the path of ultimately delivering a net-zero-carbon fuel. In addition to biorefiners, Summit Carbon Solutions will partner with other industries throughout the Midwest that have carbon reduction goals to help them capture and store their carbon emissions.

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