Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Houston-based Piñion Midstream, which was formed just last year to cure a massive headache for producers in the Delaware Basin—namely, the lack of infrastructure to gather and treat pervasive sour gas. But why solve one problem when you can eliminate two at the same time? Piñion in April broke ground on the new Dark Horse sour gas treating and CCS facility in Lea County, N.M., to also offer ESG-minded producers CO2 and H2S capture and sequestration. Now, the first of three plants has officially opened for business with an initial treating capacity of 85 MMCFD, already fully subscribed. Piñion’s second amine treating plant is due to go online later this month, increasing capacity to 170 MMCFD. And with commitments already in hand, the third is on the books for next year. Piñion also will drill a second acid gas injection well, joining its 18,000’ AGI #1—the state’s largest and deepest of its kind with a capacity to permanently sequester up to 175,000 tons of CO2 and 75,000 tons of H2S. We wish them well.

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Piñon Midstream

Piñon Midstream is building the first of its kind greenfield environmental sour gas infrastructure solution designed to handle the extreme sour gas in the northeastern Delaware Basin.


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