If there’s one thing that continues to plague producers in the NW Delaware sub-basin, it’s the lack of infrastructure to treat pervasive sour gas. For years, producers have been challenged by extreme levels of H2S in gas streams, which has meant more flaring, shutting in wells, or shuttling rigs to other areas. But Houston-based newcomer Piñon Midstream has designed an inspired solution that performs double duty to permanently sequester 75,000 tons per year of H2S and 175,000 tons of CO2. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from Piñon, which now has launched construction of the Dark Horse Sour Gas Treating and Carbon Capture Facility in Lea County, N.M. Operations are expected in July. The project includes gathering and delivery pipelines, an amine treating plant capable of sweetening 85 MMCFD of sour gas, and a CCS capability that injects both H2S and CO2 18,000’ below the surface. The company also has purchased a second amine plant to be installed later this year, which will amp up treating capacity to 170 MMCFD.

Piñon Midstream

Piñon Midstream is building the first of its kind greenfield environmental sour gas infrastructure solution designed to handle the extreme sour gas in the northeastern Delaware Basin.


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