In late 2016, Texas became home to the nation’s only—and world’s largest—carbon capture project at a coal-fired power plant that emitted more CO2 than any other in the nation. This was The Big Test and hopes played high. Almost as high as the $1 billion price tag that limited retrofits to only one of four coal-fueled units. Texas-based NRG Energy tapped Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for its promising KM CDR Process™ to be applied at a commercial scale at the company’s WA Parish power plant, later renamed Petra Nova. Long story short, while the technology performed to expectations, NRG last year was forced to mothball the facility citing low oil prices that made captured carbon for use in enhanced oil recovery operations uneconomical. Back to square one for Mitsubishi. But this time with gas. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest news from NextDecade and Occidental, which have inked an agreement with Mitsubishi for the design, license, and performance guarantee of its KM CDR tech at NextDecade’s planned Rio Grande LNG facility.


NRG Energy

NRG Energy, Inc. is a large American energy company, dual-headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and Houston, Texas. It was formerly the wholesale arm of Northern States Power Company, which became Xcel Energy, but became independent in 2000. NRG Energy is involved in energy generation and retail electricity.

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  1. John Young

    Incorporated in November 2010, NextDecade has yet to put shovel to ground anywhere, announced and then canceled Pelican Bay LNG in 2016, made a 2017 Inisfree FSRU agreement with the Irish Port of Cork that the Port let lapse in December 2020, announced Galveston Bay LNG in January 2019 and canceled it January 2021, sold Rio Bravo Pipeline to Enbridge in February 2020, needs 9 more LNG mtpa offtake commitments in addition to a 04-01-2019 2 mtpa Shell commitment to make FID on at least two of Rio Grande LNG’s planned five liquefaction production trains (producing only 5.87 mtpa each towards the 27 mtpa FERC permit cap), and has recently made three big announcements of deals that suppose to enable it to eventually put shove to ground on its one remaining LNG project (forming a new NEXT Carbon Solutions subsidiary and partnerships with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and Mitsubishi. NextDecade’s NEXT shares got temporary boosts from the first two announcements but have only been shedding value since the Mitsubishi announcement. Apparently investors would rather read about NextDecade LNG supply deals than about another pie in the sky new Carbon Capture and Sequestration venture. Full disclosure: I’ve been an active member of Save RGV from LNG since May 2014.


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