ESG plans throughout the nation’s oil and gas industry continue to make headlines these days, and while the end goal is the same—net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050—the journey to get there has many different roadmaps. Reese Energy Consulting today is following the latest ESG report from Houston-based EagleClaw Midstream, the largest gathering and processing operator in the Permian’s Delaware. EagleClaw expects to achieve single-digit reductions in its carbon emissions level by 2025 with a plan that includes converting its fleet to electric vehicles, expanding electric compression, investing in CCS technologies, and tying 20% of employee bonuses to the company’s annual ESG goals. Okla. City-based Devon also has announced emissions-reduction plans that sweep its operations in the Delaware, Eagle Ford, Anadarko, Powder River and Williston basins. Actions will include reducing and ultimately eliminating flaring by 2030, electrifying facilities, adding air-driven pneumatic controllers, and minimizing freshwater use. Bold moves ahead.

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EagleClaw Midstream

EagleClaw Midstream is strategically located in the heart of the Delaware Basin in the Permian, one of the fastest growing areas for oil and gas development in the world. They provide the gathering, compression, processing, transportation and water management services required to bring natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil to market and are dedicated to providing the best service and netback for their customers.


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